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Independent Study

Independent study is offered in the Moraga School District as an optional alternative instructional strategy for students whose health or other personal circumstances make classroom attendance difficult. 
This can include vacations if notified at least one week in advance of the planned vacation.
Independent study can only be administered, per Board Policy and Educational Code, for a minimum of five days and a maximum of 14 days.  The Moraga School District does not offer long-term independent study.  Families interested in a long-term independent study option should contact the District Office Executive Assistant Jennifer Baier at
To obtain an independent study, families must:
  • Communicate with the Administrative Assistant or Principal regarding the desire to obtain an independent study.
  • Obtain and sign an independent study form from the Main Office.
Please note that families must notify the Main Office.  Notifications to teachers directly are not sufficient to obtain an independent study.
After signing the Independent Study form, Administrative Assistants will circulate the form to teachers to provide assignments.  The form will then be returned to the families.
Assignments must be completed and submitted within one week of return from independent study.  Failure to submit assigned work and complete the independent study could result in unexcused absences and/or incomplete assignments.  Families are encouraged to reach out to teachers if there are questions or challenges regarding the assigned work.