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Early Intervention Program (EIP)

The Early Intervention Program is for children who reside in Moraga and Orinda Union School Districts. This program is currently housed at Camino Pablo Elementary school in Moraga.
The purpose of the Early Intervention program is to provide special education opportunities for children three to five years old who have identified special needs. The program is designed to promote a partnership between professionals and families to meet each child's needs. Teachers and parents work together to provide services which will help increase future success.
Instructional Model
A young child's cognitive, language and social skills are interrelated and develop in an overlapping fashion. Therefore, the program is oriented towards the "whole child". The instructional model of the program is based on the knowledge that children learn through activities and materials that are concrete and relevant to their lives. In a small group, teachers provide a wide range of socialization, motor, speech and language experiences. These activities are appropriate to the child's age and individual needs. Parent involvement is an essential component of the program. by working closely with families, teachers can enhance the parents' skills in meeting their child's needs.
Program Eligibility
Program eligibility is determined at an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, upon completion of a district assessment. The IEP team consists of parents, teachers and other professionals. If eligible, the IEP team will develop goals and objectives, and determine placement and services. The IEP must be approved by parents before the child can participate in the program.
Children in the Program
Children in this program often participate in a community preschool but need assistance in one or more developmental areas. Parents are encouraged to reinforce skills taught in the early intervention program in order to enhance the child's growth and development.
Requesting an Assessment
Parents, physicians, or community agencies with concerns about a three to five year old residing in the Moraga or Orinda Union School District areas should contact their district special services office and request an Early Intervention Information form. Based on information given, a screening and possible assessment may be conducted by qualified professionals when necessary. 
Please provide your name, address, phone number and age of your son/daughter to be assessed. We will send you the Early Intervention Request form. Along with this form, you are required to provide proof of residency. For information on the requirements, please click here .
You are also required to send us a copy of your child's immunization record from a health care provider. The California immunization requirements are available here.  Please ensure that all dates are legible. The completed forms and proofs of residency should be sent to:
Early Intervention Program
Moraga School District
1540 School Street
Moraga, CA 94556
Please do NOT send forms directly to Camino Pablo Elementary School as this will cause delays in the processing time.
Based on the information given, a screening and possible assessment may be conducted by qualified professionals, when necessary. If you need further information concerning details of the program, please contact:
Lorne Barbosa, Director of Pupil Services
(925) 377-4105