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Please Read Before Volunteering. 
The process of volunteering has changed.
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at one or more of our schools.  Volunteers are an integral aspect of a great school and district.  The Moraga School District has instituted the following guidelines for all who wish to volunteer their time at our schools.  This includes field trips, classroom and office support, library support and any other volunteer support that may involve direct contact with students at a school or at a school program.
The district expects that all volunteers follow the guidelines below:
  • All volunteers will register at the school their student(s) attend.  Parent/guardian registration requires an official form of identification, such as a driver’s license, state identification or passport be presented to school office staff prior to volunteering.
  • In order to volunteer, a student’s parent/guardian must also sign-off or check that this notice has been read via the annual parent registration process.  This notice is also available in the school office. 
  • All volunteers will check in at the office and wear school-issued identification before going on to campus.  Sign out when leaving.
  • All volunteers are expected to practice professionalism by arriving on time, turning off cell phones, dressing appropriately, and finding a substitute if not able to volunteer at an assigned time.
  • In order to ensure safety and minimize distractions to the learning environment, please do not bring non-registered children to school.
  • All volunteers are requested to only use staff restrooms.
  • Confidentiality of information obtained through your volunteer efforts must be maintained.
  • Respect the privacy of everyone in the classroom.  This includes materials you may see on students’ or the teacher’s desk.  This includes test scores, grade books, notes, etc.
  • When addressing student behavior, politely ask the student(s) to stop the inappropriate behavior.  If the student(s) do not comply, inform the classroom teacher.
  • All volunteers will adhere to the specific guidelines for individual schools.
  • The school reserves the right to revoke volunteer privileges at any time.
  • Volunteers are expected to report suspicion of child abuse to Child Family Services. The definition of suspicion of child abuse, reporting procedures and contact information can be found on the Moraga School District Web site > District>Student Safety.
  • In the event of a student injury, remain with the student and contact the office for help via cell phone or student runner.
  • In the event of an emergency, follow the direction of a school employee.