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Facility Information

Landscaping improvements at JM

New flooring and mascot

Upgrades to the classrooms

JM gets a new exterior

Classroom nearing completion

Crews at CP

Exterior painting

Everyone helped with the moves!

Exterior painting

Multi-use floors - prior to new floors being installed

New patio installed outside kindergarten classrooms

New flooring

ADA access improvements

Grinding down tree stumps

Classroom upgrades in progress

Classroom demo work

New hallway and three new restrooms

72% of Moraga voters supported the MSD Measure V initiative in November 2016 to modernize and renovate our 50 year old schools.
Identified school improvement projects include, in part:
  •  Fixing leaky roofs 
  •  Upgrading inadequate electrical systems
  •  Updating deteriorating plumbing and sewer systems
  •  Making necessary seismic retrofit improvements to support student safety
  •  Replacing outdated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  •  Improving student access to modern technology 
All funds are locally controlled and will benefit all Moraga School District schools.
  •  No funding could be taken away by the state or used for other purposes
  •  A Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee and independent audits would be required (See CBOC portal)
  •  No funds could be used for administrator salaries
  •  The cost of the measure would be limited to $30 per $100,000 in assessed (not market) value annually
Measure V projects have started.  This summer a retaining wall on the east Camino Pablo playground was replaced and the Los Perales Plaza de Amigo playground asphalt surface was repaired, sealed and painted.  The roof on Building G at JM will be replaced in October 2017.
Currently, architects and a construction manager firm are meeting with staff and parents and visiting all sites to gather information for a report expected to be presented to the Board in January 2018.  This report will list future projects, options, timelines and costs.

Los Perales Plaza de Amigo playground - before

HVAC being installed

JM - Bldg G Roof Replacement Project - Before

HVAC being installed

JM Building G roof replacement - Citz. Bond Oversight Comm Inspector



The California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39) changed the corporate income tax code and allocates projected revenue to California's General Fund and the Clean Energy Job Creation Fund for five fiscal years, beginning with fiscal year 2013-14. Under the initiative, roughly up to $550 million annually is available for appropriation by the Legislature for eligible projects to improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy generation in schools.  The Moraga School Distirct anticipates approximately $500,000 in Prop. 39 funding.
For more information about the MSD opportunities and plans to improve energy efficiency, click below