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District Office Staff


Name Position Contact
Julie Parks Superintendent   377-4101    
Daniela Parasidis Chief Business Official   377-4108    
Carolyn Parker Director of Curriculum and Instruction   377-4107  
Susan Bishop Director of Pupil Services   377-4105  
Sean Andersen Director of Buildings/Grounds   Best by email
Jennifer Baier Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent          377-4101 
Michelle Walton A/R and A/P Accountant   377-4163
Selma Mirante Childcare Clubs Accountant   377-2071
Cristina Gocobachi Payroll Technician   377-4102
Lisa Crouch Personnel Technician   377-4162
Sally McLaughlin         Staff Assistant/Pupil Services   377-4109

Staff can be reached via email:

firstinitiallastname at